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April 4, 2024

I’m engaged, Now what? //

You’re engaged, now what?? That’s usually the first question everyone starts with. First things first. CONGRATULATIONS!

So, where do you go from here?

After you have chosen the perfect season for your wedding, whether it be spring, winter, fall or summer you should start by taking on the task of choosing your venue.
Your venue is the heart and soul of your wedding day, setting the stage and providing the backdrop for all of the wonderful moments to come. It is so important to find a venue that feels like home to you and your partner. One that reflects your unique style and personalities. Venues come just like people, all different sizes, styles, and with their own unique quirks. Schedule venue tours, go to open houses, some venues even host twilight open houses so you can have a feel for what your wedding day may feel like at dusk/night time! This will be your first big decision, after this I promise it gets easier. *most of the time*

Once you’ve secured your venue, it’s time to call in the big guns – your wedding planners! (insert John Cena music)

Your wedding planner will be the mastermind behind turning your visions and dreams into reality and mapping out every little detail of your special day. They’ll work closely with you to ensure that everything is planned and executed seamlessly. (Our specialty, of course) We’re here to make your wedding planning journey an unforgettable experience, in the BEST way, so trust us when we say you NEED a wedding planner.

Venue is booked, wedding planners are locked in, you now have the foundation of your wedding set in place! The next step is prioritizing what is important to you. The wedding world has absolutely exploded with options for different vendors in the recent years, so choosing between them all can be overwhelming. A great starting point for this second phase of vendor booking is focusing on your big-ticket items first. These vendors will be your most important, your Must-haves if you will.

Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, someone who is capturing memories, and not just your wallet. Someone who tells a story through their photos and has the prefect eye for details that you may miss through the day.

Seek out a florist who listens to your vision and brings it to life. Someone who is passionate and excited about what they do!

Trail with HAMU artists who make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, who build you up and let your beauty be the star of the show!

Met with DJs who are fun, and prioritize you and what YOU see wedding day being. Ask about up lighting and how are their MC skills? Asking questions are so important when booking vendors, any great vendor would LOVE the chance to answer any questions you may have! Don’t be afraid to ask!

Oh yes, and please oh please book a caterer who is professional, organized and who serves up delicious food that will leave a great impression on your guests. Schedule a tasting, or even a few! This is so important!

These vendors may be a little overwhelming to take on at first, but they also bring the most magic to wedding day, choose wisely! (Your wedding planner is a great source of help here; (we have the best recommendations!)

Once you have the big-ticket vendors secured, its time to add personal touches that reflect you! Wheater it’s a live band, for added dance moves, a fun photobooth capturing memories all night, a henna station, to enhance guests experience, a coffee bar to keep the energy high, or maybe an ice cream cart or a late-night sweet treat, (always a yes) there are endless options to choose from! These personalized elements will help showcase you and your partners vibe and make your celebration customized just the way you want it. Make your wedding day a reflection of YOU!

With the right vendors, your wedding visions can truly come to life.

In the wedding world there are dedicated professionals who are SO passionate about helping couples create the wedding of their dreams. These experts love interacting with couples and sharing in the joy of weddings. Their genuine love for what they do shines through as they guide you through every step in their process, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique love story. From the initial consultation to the final moments of your special day, these professionals are there to make your wedding journey an unforgettable experience. They are there to help and celebrate you!

Step by step, your wedding planning, vendor booking and your long list of to-do’s will come and go, quicker than you imagined, do yourself a BIG favor and book a discovery call with us today, let us walk you through every step and help you make your wedding vision a reality!





Awesome vendors included in this post

Venue: @arrowheadhill 

Photography: @kate_elizabeth_photography

Videography: @shotmakermedia

Florals: @thetallesttulip 

MUAH: @kissandmakeuphouston

 DJ: @jkellyproductions

Catering: @pecosgrill

Baker: @alchemybakelab

Special shout out @ponderosablooms 

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