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February 8, 2024

Julie + Dan // The Meekermark

The Couple: A Perfect Match from the Start

You know when you meet someone and you immediately click? That’s what we had with Julie and Dan. Their love for one another and for life made working with them to plan their wedding a dream. From the vibrant colors they chose to the warm lighting and candles that set the mood, everything reflected the perfect match that they are. The whole event felt every bit as sweet as every interaction we had with them!

The Meekermark, with it’s perfect rustic charm, glowed with soft lighting, creating a stunning backdrop for their early fall wedding day. The muted shades of oranges and pinks, combined with lush greenery, complimented the warmth of Julie and Dan’s personalities. Not to mention all of the lush, luxurious touches! It truly was a gorgeous day.

The Family: Linda’s Legendary Cookie Table and More

Julie, hailing from Pittsburgh, brought a touch of her roots to the wedding – the traditional “Pittsburgh Cookie Table.” We didn’t even know that was a thing until the bride’s mom, Linda, introduced it to us– however, she took it to a whoooole new level! She baked over 12 dozen different types of cookies, packed them on dry ice, and drove a whopping 9+ hours from Pittsburgh to showcase this sweet tradition at the wedding! Those cookies, especially the coconut macaroons (which we’re still dreaming about, tbh) were worth every mile.

And while we’re on the topic of Linda– there is so much to be said about that incredible lady. Every wedding has family, but not every wedding has a Linda. She was truly one of the kindest, funniest, and most generous people we’ve ever met. While we were busy arranging tables and prepping the reception space, she practically force-fed us cookies (okay, okay, it didn’t take much convincing on our part. But still.) It was evident that Julie’s kindness was a trait passed down from her mom.

One thing was clear as we went through Julie & Dan’s wedding day: family is truly the epicenter of everything they do! From sweet parents to kind siblings, the whole brood was a delight to work with. We felt welcomed and like we weren’t just planners, but friends every step of the way.

The Party: Dancing, Florals, and Heartfelt Tributes

The stunning florals, courtesy of Ponderosa Blooms, were a masterpiece. Their incredible grasp of color created a breathtaking palette that complemented the overall ambiance of the wedding. From the ceremony arch to the centerpieces, each arrangement was a work of art. And true to form, Cafe Natalie catered a world class dinner that left everyone stuffed (but not too stuffed to get on the dance floor.)

Julie and Dan danced the night away, surrounded by their families, creating an atmosphere that felt like one giant dinner party with friends you’ve known for ages. The reception was family-oriented, featuring an anniversary dance, the iconic cookie table, and a touching honor table adorned with not only photos but also special belongings of loved ones who were no longer with us. It was a heartfelt tribute that added a beautiful layer of meaning to the celebration!

In the end, Julie and Dan’s wedding was a one-of-a-kind celebration. It was more than just an event; it was a day filled with love, laughter, and the joy of being surrounded by those who matter most.

Here’s to Julie and Dan – a couple as unique and wonderful as the love they share!

Vendor Team:

Photos: Meeker Pictures
Florals: Ponderosa Blooms
Catering: Cafe Natalie
DJ: J Kelly Productions
MUAH: Sunkissed and Made Up
Baker: Simply Tiered Cakery
Rentals: House of Hough
Video: Bubble Love Photography
Custom Printed Cookies: Mateto Pop Cookies

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