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July 21, 2023

Van + Andres // The Meekermark

Vendor Dream Team:

Planner: Moonstruck Events

Photographer: Amy Maddox Photography

Videography: Leslie Margarita Films

Catering: Kim Son

Baker: Becca Cakes

DJ: LG Event Pro

Florals: Blush Floral Co

Hair and Makeup: The Bridal Suite

Officiant: We do.. I do’s

Calligrapher: LeLe Lines

Hey wedding planning besties! Boy do we have a love story to share with you today!

Meet Van and Andres, a power couple of doctors who not only captivated us with
their intelligence, wit, and humor but also brought immense joy to every step of their
wedding planning process! In March 2023, they tied the knot at the Meekermark, a venue
that holds a special place in our hearts (can you believe that’s actually where owner
Courtney got married in 2018?!)

Join us as we reminisce on all the enchanting details of their whimsical garden

Setting the Stage:
The Meekermark is one of those versatile venues that can reflect just about any style
you could ever imagine, and lucky for us- the couple opted to transform the venue into a
mesmerizing garden oasis that exuded elegance and charm! The dreamy pastel florals and
lush greenery created an ambiance reminiscent of the beloved Bridgerton series, while the
rustic charm of the Meekermark added a breathtaking contrast.

Whimsical Touches:
One of the highlights of Van and Andres’ wedding was the creative use of acrylic
stands for the seating chart. Each stand showcased a table number, surrounded by delicate
floral arrangements that seamlessly incorporated the garden theme into every little detail.
It was such a playful and enchanting touch that left guests in awe! Picture yourself
wandering through a magical garden, finding your table nestled among the blooms. That
was what their wedding day felt like to us!

The reception tables were adorned with an abundance of crystal, candles, and
stunning floral arrangements. The combination created a romantic and ethereal
atmosphere, making every guest feel like they had stepped into a fairy tale. The tablescapes
truly embodied the couple’s vision and allowed their personalities to shine through. Van and Andres’ attention to detail was impeccable, ensuring that every element was cohesive
and visually captivating.

To top it all off, catering services were provided by Houston staple, Kim Son! Van +
Andres treated their loved ones to an unforgettable culinary experience—eight whole
courses of delectable dishes were served, each a delightful celebration of flavors and
culture! The combination of scrumptious food, heartfelt toasts, and laughter all around left
everyone’s hearts feeling as full as their bellies.

Cheers to Happily Ever After!
Van and Andres’ whimsical garden wedding at the Meekermark was a celebration of
love, beauty, and the forever partnership of two incredible people. From the captivating
transformation of the venue to the enchanting tablescapes and the culinary delights, every
detail reflected the couple’s unique style and infectious joy.

It was an honor to be part of their special day and witness the magic unfold!
As wedding planners, our greatest joy lies in working with couples like Van and
Andres, whose love and spirit inspire us to create extraordinary moments that will be
cherished forever.

Remember, love is a grand adventure, and we can’t wait to share more captivating
love stories and wedding inspirations with you. Stay tuned for our next wedding spotlight,
and until then, keep spreading love, laughter, and whimsy in every celebration!

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