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February 16, 2023

Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Ceremony

We’ve all been at ceremony’s where it seems like guests care more about getting the video of the bride walking down the aisle than actually enjoying the ceremony. As wedding planners, we have seen guests jump in front of photographers to snap “the perfect iPhone picture” instead of letting the photographers do their job. Let’s unpack why it is a good idea to have an unplugged ceremony.

You Only Get This Moment Once

Have you ever been in a meeting or an event where it is supposed to be quiet and suddenly, you hear the buzzing or ringtone of someone who “forgot” to silence their phone. It is definitely a mood killer. Now imagine you are saying you’re vows and poof, someone gets a text from their friend. This is why we suggest an unplugged ceremony. As wedding planners, we would hate for the moment you become one with your partner to be disturbed by a text or call that usually isn’t important at the moment.

Live in The Moment

In today’s society, we are engrained to post everything on social media. Nothing is kept a secret or private anymore. While your guests are thrilled to be at your wedding and want to share the moment you say “I do” on their Instagram immediately, encourage them to not miss this moment with you and your partner and to enjoy the moment. As a guest, it is always good to remember that some couples might not want their wedding posted all over social media until the next day so it is always good to check with the couple before posting.

Phones Ruin Photos

We all know weddings cost a pretty penny. Most couples like to spend the majority of their wedding budget on a good photographer or videographer. While photographers are skilled and know where to position themselves to get “the shot” sometimes they can’t predict a guest jumping out in front of them to take a blurry phone picture. Let the photographers do their job. After all they are only there to capture all the important moments. If you want a picture with friends, just ask. 9 times out of 10, they are happy to take any photos you want and they always share them with the couple.

Let’s See Those Faces

For the most part, the people who you invite to your wedding are your closets family and friends. Most people would enjoy seeing their friends and families faces instead of the backs of their phones on their wedding day. When nerves are high on wedding day, it is always comforting to see a smiling friendly face not a phone screen.

These are just a few reasons why choosing an unplugged ceremony is very beneficial to you as a couple planning your wedding. If you are scared to ask this of your guests, there are many cute signs on Etsy that ask your guests to unplug at your ceremony. You can also always ask your officiant as well to make an announcement at the beginning of ceremony. We promise, you won’t regret this decision and your guests will love it too!

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