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January 10, 2023

2023 Upcoming Wedding Trends

A new year, means new trends and we love hearing all the buzz about the latest things to pop up in the wedding industry. Over the past year, we have seen the love for the classic and timeless wedding take a step back and we have seen colorful and bold designs take center stage. Here are the latest trends in the wedding industry for 2023 according to our resources.

Midday Ceremonies

Photographer: @kate_elizabeth_photography

Out with the late night weddings, in with the early brunch weddings. We are seeing a huge shift in when weddings will occur and it seems to be that morning or early afternoon weddings are the new thing with ceremonies. Think about it, 8 hour days for you and your guests between ceremony start time and the end of the reception is a long time. Why not break it up? Have your ceremony in the late morning, have a break and let everyone recharge, and have your reception a little bit later in the day. We love this idea!

Statement Ceremony Aisles

Photographer:@kate_elizabeth_photograpy | Florist: @ponderosablooms

We started to see statement aisles in 2022 and we loved everything about it! Andi and Matt’s wedding (shown above) had gorgeous florals lining their aisle and it created a dreamy setting to walk down the aisle. Some other statement aisles ideas could be the shape of the aisle. Instead of just a straight path, you could also try mixing it up by curving it! This makes for a more dramatic moment as you walk down to your partner!

After Party

Photographer: @alyssabeachcreative

This trend started in 2022, but get ready to party hardy in 2023! The party after the party is the new thing. We are seeing a spike in after parties, specifically themed after parties for the new year. Think speak easy vibes, bar crawls, karaoke, you name it. All we know is that in 2023, people like to party!

Dramatic Ceiling Decor

The trend that associate planner, Natalie is most excited for in the upcoming year. We love how creative our couples can get with decorations and we LOVE hanging installs! If you are wanting to elevate the party scene at your reception or elevate the dance floor, the dramatic ceiling is a trend you will love!

Colorful Decor

Everyone knows that in the past, colorful wedding day was a big no no, but in 2023, that is not the case! Owner and planner Courtney loves when couples incorporate their favorite colors in their wedding decor. We think it adds personality and spunk and we are just here for it!

What trends will you be adding to your wedding in 2023? We can’t wait to see what all of our couples will bring to the table! Looking for a wedding planner to help you execute these trends, inquire here to setup a consultation call!

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