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August 23, 2022

Band vs DJ, Lets Talk

When deciding entertainment for your reception, it can be tricky to decide between a band or a DJ. Both have great benefits and when deciding, its great to write out all the different factors that each can bring to your reception. Today, we will be sharing a little insight on bands and Dj’s that will hopefully help you narrow down which to choose for your reception!


If you have ever attended a wedding where they had a band for their entertainment at their wedding, you know the energy can be unmatched. The great thing about bands is that they can set the tone for your reception. They get your guests pumped up and encourage people to get on the dance floor. One con of hiring a band is that they might only play one type or genre of music. If you are a couple that enjoys a certain genre of music, then a band might just be your way to go!


For the couples that like an array of genres, a DJ might just be what you are looking for! A great thing about a DJ is that you can work with them in creating a playlist of all your favorite songs or you can tell them the genres you like, and they can curate a playlist for you. DJ’s can also act as the MC for your evening. They can make sure the timeline stays on track for the first dance, bouquet toss, and the grand exit. A con of hiring a DJ is sometimes it can be hard to get the dance floor going, but usually, they will get it going!

Whether you choose a live band or a DJ both options are great and will provide exquisite entertainment for your reception. Your guests will be dancing their heart out all night and you will leave your wedding day with a lifetime of memories dancing with your partner and guests!

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