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July 26, 2022

5 Tips to Include Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding Day

The best part about your wedding day, in my opinion, is having everyone you love there with you sharing in the best day of you and your partners life. For most people, they would say that their furry friend is someone they would love to incorporate in their wedding day, they just don’t know the best way to do it. If you are wanting to include your fur baby in your wedding day, here’s a few ways you can do it!

Ring Bearer or Flower Girl: A great way to include your furry friend is by having them as the honorary ring bearer or flower girl. This is great because you can have them during the ceremony, and they can also be in your wedding photos after as well!

Signature Cocktail or Signage of Your Furry Friend:  If you want to include your furry friend in your wedding day, but don’t or can’t have them at your venue, a great way to include them is during cocktail hour! Create a signature drink named after your pooch or have drink stirrers with their face on them! There are so many fun ways to honor them during cocktail hour!

Have them Get Ready with You: If you’re venue allows it, invite your furry friend to get ready with you and your bridal party! Having your pet there even might take away some of the pre-ceremony jitters! When getting ready pictures start, dress your furry friend up in a cute outfit or add a bandana to match your wedding theme and have them join in on the photo fun!

Incorporate Them in Your Bridal Ensemble: This is another great option if you want to have your furry friend part of your day, but in spirit! Add a little photo of your pooch to your bridal bouquet or have them embroidered on the inside of your wedding dress or vail. For guys, you can get a custom pocket square with a drawing of your furry friend on them! This is a great way to have them by your side during your special day.

Showcase Them as a Cake Topper: A cute way to incorporate your furry friend in your reception is have them be a part of your wedding cake as a cake topper! Add them on the top of the cake or have them peeking out of the cake, there are so many ways you can get creative with it!

Having all the people who are special to you at your wedding is something you will never forget and having your furry friend there as well can be the cherry on top of a memorable day! These are just a few ways to incorporate them but remember to get creative and make it you unique to you and your partner. After all, it is your day so make the most out of it!

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