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January 2, 2022

To A Sparkling New Year

When reflecting on this past year, I’m simply amazed…

Amazed at the growth, relationships, struggles and triumphs that have shaped us all into our ever growing selves. For me personally, I am amazed with my family life; the love, support and laughter that deepens daily with my husband and growing family. Amazed with my personal life; my wonderful friends who give unconditional, supportive love and cherish, as much as I do, every moment we are blessed to share together. Amazed with my professional life; the invaluable relationships, connections and alliances with vendors, organizations and clients who have given to me my true calling.

Simply amazed, yet, there’s something more. It’s the thing that keeps me excited for every morning I wake. The thing that brings me to awe at every passing day I bid fair-well. Something that fills me with an abundance of positivity I can’t quite put my finger on. I’ve tried so hard to identify what that overwhelming sense is called. What that immense feeling of goodness is really. And I think I have finally figured it out. It’s the sparkle.

The gleam in her bright, shining eyes. That ear to ear grin he just can’t contain. The smiles, teary eyes and happy gasps as loved ones share in this life altering experience. It’s the palpable sense of the most powerful emotion we can share as people. The most important source of joy, support, understanding and family a person can be blessed to experience…


Genuinely real, soul soothing, all encompassing love. The most beautiful feeling a person can ever be blessed to experience.

That sparkle. It’s a sparkle you can see. A sparkle you can feel. A sparkle I have been blessed to witness for so many beautiful couples, but even more than that, a sparkle I have been entrusted to help bring to life.

It all starts with you. When you first met each other, those butterflies set off the first hint of sparkle. Your love grew and when you knew this was the ONE, your one, the one you had waited for your whole life, that flutter in you heart expanded that sparkle into something your loved ones could sense. Soon enough the sparkle of your love was undeniable and announcing to the world your feelings for each other wasn’t enough; a sparkle this bright and pure has to be honored, cultivated and given the proper respect for your newly devoted lives together.

Meeting my couples for the first time is such an exciting moment. Getting to know them and their sparkle for each other is something I will never take for granted; I mean who else gets to be surrounded by such magic everyday? My role of coordinating the perfect beginning to a life long sparkle for you is a blessing I couldn’t have ever imagined.

My dream has come true. And I cannot ever thank you all for the sparkles you have brought to my life.

Thank you to every couple that has left the imprint of their sparkle in my heart. Thank you to every vendor who has stopped at nothing to make sure that sparkle is a true representation of the love my couples have grown. Thank you to every event professional and organizer that has offered your time, resources and wisdom to make sure that perfect day, that perfect start, sparkles as much as the love you share.

And now it’s time for your love to sparkle. Time to bring life to your dreams. Every beautiful beginning deserves it’s own sparkle; the sparkle that fits your love so perfectly. The sparkle made just for you.

Moonstruck Events is here to help you find your perfect sparkle to step into your lives together, forever.

I am so eager and looking forward to creating all the sparkling beginnings for your love that 2022 promises to bring.

With love- and sparkles,

Some of amazing sparkle through 2021…

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