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September 15, 2021

Should You Elope?

Here’s a Guide to Help You Decide

Do you feel that a big, traditional wedding is somehow not quite “you”? Does the idea of running away and having an intimate ceremony (or possibly inviting a very small number of guests, too) sound like an absolute dream? 

Completely different from your ordinary wedding, an elopement is a very private and personal ceremony that’s all about the intimacy and love of the two people getting married. 

More and more couples decide to elope instead of having a traditional wedding, but eloping is not for everyone. If you’re wondering whether you should elope or not, here are 3 things to consider before making your decision! 

What’s Your Dream? 

This is the first and most important question you need to ask yourselves when deciding whether you should elope or not. Have you always dreamed of a glamorous walk down the aisle, having the time of your life with hundreds of guests on the dancefloor after the ceremony? Or you’d rather say your big yes wrapped in the privacy of your love? 

As we said, elopements are micro wedding ceremonies usually including just the couple, and maybe a few close friends to serve as witnesses. So, if you feel that one day you might regret you didn’t go for a big wedding filled with family and friends, eloping is simply not for you. But if you are in love with the idea of a ceremony that reflects your relationship and crave a wedding day you will truly make your own, we say elope! 

Another thing to consider is the opportunity an elopement gives you for exploring somewhere new and magical. Elopements are perfect for couples who are spontaneous, adventurous, and love discovering new places, so if you recognize yourself and your partner in this description, an elopement is the way to go. 

How Well Do You Handle Stress? 

This is another important thing to consider. 

Planning a big wedding comes with it’s fair share of challenges, and even a bit of drama, too. Eloping, on the other hand, is far less overwhelming. When you have a small guest list, you don’t technically need a venue and you can get married literally any day, at any time and

place, you can avoid a big part of the wedding planning stress. If you feel that the stress of planning a big wedding would be too much to handle, then eloping is a good idea. 

Of course, an elopement still requires planning, but it’s much easier to plan than your traditional big wedding, especially if you book an elopement wedding planner. Elopement wedding planners offer elopement packages adapted to the couple’s unique ideas about their day, so you will definitely see your vision come to life in a stress-free and smooth way. 

If you decide on eloping, remember to hire a an experienced professional to plan and coordinate the day and take care of all the details: location, guests (if any), decoration and any vendors you might want to include. 

What’s Your Budget? 

It’s no secret that on average couples spend around 30 thousand dollars for a big traditional wedding. It’s also very common to go over budget with big weddings, and this can happen for a number of reasons: setting an unrealistic budget from the very start, not managing your wedding budget wisely, last-minute changes… the list goes on. 

Big chunks of wedding budgets are often spent on venues and food, so by eloping you can actually take that money and invest it toward getting airplane tickets to a tropical island, for example, where you’ll get to spend your time enjoying the beginning of your married life. 

Depending on where you want to go and your idea about the ceremony, an elopement roughly costs anywhere between 2 and 15 thousand, so if you’re dealing with a lower budget, you can elope and have a marvellous wedding somewhere scenic and far away. 

An elopement can easily be turned into a honeymoon, too. You can ask your elopement wedding planner for recommendations and help, and you’ll definitely get the best value for your budget. 

To Sum Up 

By answering these three questions you should be a step closer to deciding whether you should elope. An elopement will allow you to enjoy your wedding with the focus being on just the two of you. You will create unique memories you’ll cherish forever, and ultimately get a wedding that’s everything you ever wanted, and more. Of course, you can always decide to hold a reception back home and invite more guests in a way to get the best of both worlds. 

Remember that even though elopements may mean less work, they can still be tricky to plan, so hiring an elopement wedding planner is always a good idea.  

If by now you’ve set your mind on an elopement and you’re looking for an elopement wedding planner, we’d love to hear from you!

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