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January 11, 2021

You’re engaged! First Eight Things You Must Do!

It’s what you have dreamed about since you were a child. You are now engaged, but where do you go from here? Being engaged is your first step into the great world of marriage and while many get engaged with marriage as the obvious endgame, It is not always clear what to do next before you jump the broom.


With that being said, here are eight things we at Moonstruck Events recommend you do upon getting engaged.



This is a momentous occasion! While the wedding and honeymoon will be the time for ultimate partying and celebration, do not hesitate to have fun and celebrate with your fiancé about being engaged. It does not have to always be an extravagant party either. There are plenty of phenomenal ways to celebrate your engagement. Take a trip together! Treat yourself! Perhaps have a wonderful dinner with your future in-laws! There are a variety of ways to celebrate this spectacular occasion!


Announce to friends and family

To be engaged is a big deal not just for you and your fiancé, but both your families as well. Let friends and family know of your engagement! The more who know, the better, as letting friends and family know is the first step to inviting many to your magnificent wedding! On top of that, one of the best things one can have during their journey towards marriage is much support from friends and family. The support you receive can also help you determine the specific friends and family you wish to help out on certain levels with your wedding planning.


Get your engagement ring sized and insured

If anything on this list is a must (they all are TBH), this is certainly one. Despite it not being what one might think is necessary, getting your engagement ring insured is quite vital in the event that something happens to your ring. Marriage is a beautiful and everlasting thing, something that is going to define and determine your lifestyle and choices forever. If you are willing to insure your car, you should definitely insure the ultimate symbol of your incoming holy matrimony! There is much info out there for getting insured, so it is definitely something any engaged couple can (and SHOULD) do!


Discuss and set a budget

Big or small, figuring out the budget for your wedding is a step all engaged couples must take. The budget ultimately determines the kind of wedding you will have, and setting a budget (and therefore a limit) can ensure you do not go over your limit or get out of hand with your wedding ideas.


Start creating a guest list

Mom and dad are definitely coming, but what about your crazy cousin and his girlfriend? Or your fiancé’s less than pleasant step uncle? Creating a guest list early on will save you much trouble as you decide who will be invited to your wedding. Creating a guest list is admittedly not always the easiest process, especially if your fiancé’s relatives are also helping in the process, as everyone will have input on who should or should not come. There are a variety of ways to make creating a guest list easier, such as using a system like Google Sheets that allows all involved in the process to contribute so that everyone is on the same page.


Begin thinking about how you want your wedding to feel

By now, you probably realize that nothing should come last minute when planning a wedding. And the feel (or style and theme) of the wedding is no exception. Deciding early on the feel of your wedding will help you figure out many of the other aspects of your wedding. Once you decide the style and feel, figuring out the size (and therefore guest list) and budget becomes much easier. After all, the style determines the entire outlook of the wedding.


Choose 2-3 possible dates for the wedding

Obviously there is no telling when one gets married after becoming engaged, but setting two or three dates helps in getting everything together. By setting possible dates for the wedding, this will also help you in figuring out the feel and style of the wedding, as you may want something that matches the season! Weddings happen year round, and choosing your special day is definitely something to begin working out shortly after your engagement.


And of course, look into venues and wedding planners

Locking in a venue will be one of the first vendors you book. The venue will help secure your date and then you will be able to start booking other vendors. But there is no sense in trying to get through this all alone. Wedding planners are here for a reason! Hiring a wedding planner saves you much trouble from trying to plan a whole wedding by yourself and could save you money by helping you stay in budget. Thankfully, if you are a Houston-League City resident, Moonstruck Events is here to help you and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams!


The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is much to do after becoming engaged. Taking the next steps towards your wedding requires quite the work and planning, but the best part is you and your fiancé are never alone in this. With the support of friends, family, and of course Moonstruck Events, your post-engagement stage is sure to be a process that will be nowhere near as overwhelming as it seems. Are you reading this shortly after being engaged? Schedule a free first time consultation with Moonstruck Events to get your wedding journey started!