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December 28, 2020

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Dear Moonstruck Family,

 It’s been quite a year. 2020 has without a doubt been a year of uncertainty, one that left many unsure of what the future may spell. But amidst it all, the world did not stop spinning. As the saying goes, the show must go on, and weddings are no exception.

 Amidst a global pandemic, Moonstruck Events was able to officially start, and achieve our mission: ensuring successful, beautiful, and elegant weddings for all those who need them!

 In its first year, Moonstruck Events saw the planning and fulfillment of over seven weddings!

 This could not have happened without your amazing support. We truly could not have launched this year had it not been for the amazing and spectacular couples who decided to have Moonstruck Events give them the weddings of their dreams!

 We at Moonstruck Events want to send our highest gratitude for your support through what has without a doubt been a challenging but productive year.

 With a new year upon us, Moonstruck Events has much planned and there is much to expect as 2021 nears its head. Here are just a few things couples can look forward to for the new year!


1. The growth of Moonstruck Events

  This year was just the beginning as Moonstruck Events took off to be the League City region’s premiere wedding planning business! Having had such great success this year, the sky is not even the limit as Moonstruck Events expands and grows to ensure it only continues to be the wedding planner of every couple’s dreams!


2. Ensuring everyone’s wedding dreams are brought to life in the best way possible

          We are here for you, and exist for the vision you have likely had of getting married since you first realized you wanted to. Our utmost priority is guaranteeing your vision comes to life, turning dreams into reality. With the growth of Moonstruck comes the growth of your vision and our fulfilling of it.


3. Building relationships with amazing vendors

          Like we said, we are dedicated to making your vision come true. Planning a wedding is certainly no simple process, and there is much that goes into making one’s wedding dreams come true. Vendors are everything when making one’s vision come true. Therefore, Moonstruck Events is always making connections with the kind of vendors that will ensure your wedding has the best venues, photographers, hair and makeup, florists, catering, videography, and more!


The future is now, and Moonstruck events is looking forward to 2021 being a year of excitement, growth, fulfillment, and above all, the weddings of our Moonstruck Family’s dreams!

 Moonstruck events would like to send its highest gratitude to everyone who has helped our first year be a fantastic one and especially thank all the wonderful couples who chose us to make their wedding dreams come true!

 Congratulations to the amazing couples who we are proud to have be part of our Moonstruck family! We are just getting started as Moonstruck Events continues its mission to give everyone the wedding of their dreams!

 You can continue to receive updates and insights related to all things wedding planning and (Moonstruck) by checking out Moonstruck Events’ upcoming blog posts!

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