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March 19, 2021

Hiring A Houston Wedding Planner: What to look for

It practically goes without saying that hiring a wedding planner is one of the best decisions you can ever make for your wedding! With a wedding planner by you and your spouse’s side, you are guaranteed to have the wedding of your dreams! However, that is only if you pick the right wedding planner. 

Sometimes a wedding is only as good as its wedding planner, and therefore it is important to know what to look for when searching for one.

With this in mind, let’s go over some of the top things to look for when searching for a wedding planner! 

Trust and personality

Personality is everything in both one’s personal and professional life, and your wedding planner is certainly no exception. When deciding on the best wedding planner for you, it is absolutely essential your wedding planner is someone you can trust and get along with. Your wedding planner is making sure that the day you have dreamed of for years is exactly as you have envisioned. A person with that much responsibility MUST be someone you feel comfortable around and someone you feel you can trust with your dream day. 

Communication and response time

Communication is vital in the planning of a wedding. There is much to be arranged (and of course, planned), which is the reason for hiring a wedding planner in the first place. As we said before, trust is everything when it comes to your wedding planner, and that includes the communication aspect. When searching for wedding planners, make sure you feel comfortable communicating to them. 

Of course, their response time is also very important. Planning a wedding means sometimes having to make changes and updates everyday. That means continuously keeping in contact with one’s wedding planner sometimes on a daily basis. Therefore, it is good to see how quick your wedding planner responds to your messages and returns your calls. If your potential wedding planner is not responding in a timely basis to your text messages or emails, you may want to consider if this is the right wedding planner for you. 

Past Work

One’s skill is only as good as their work and wedding planners are no exception. When looking at various wedding planners, look into past weddings they have done. Seeing a wedding planner’s past weddings allows you to know what to expect. Obtaining references and talking to the planner’s past clients can provide definite insight into the wedding planner’s strengths and weaknesses. 


Jumping not too far from our previous point, checking out reviews of wedding planners is one of the best ways to know what to expect from them. Reviews are always a sure way to look into the common consensus on your wedding planner. There are multiple sites to find reviews of wedding planners. One can find reviews of wedding planners on Google, Wedding Wire, and Facebook to name a few! 

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